Gas masks, naked bods, everything nice for gay hazing rituals

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Nowadays, you just cannot be sure from where the next gay hazing rituals will come. For example, did you know that a gay fraternity is a common thing even at military academies right now? Well, it is. Check out the footage from one of the biggest ones that makes this scene so steamy you will not believe your eyes. These guys have access to gas masks and other things that make their hazing rituals ten times hotter than anything else. If you want to see how they do it there, be sure to see this scene.

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Gay orgy as fraternity hazing ritual

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If you ever wondered what it takes to get into a gay fraternity at one of the many colleges across the States, then be sure to check out one of the best hazing rituals ever conceived. This session can be only described as a gay orgy with a whole bunch of young and creamy guys showing off their incredibly smooth and sexy bodies and with two of them involved in some good old anal pumping that gets one of them really sore afterwards. It is really one of the steamiest hazing rituals ever.

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Real horn anal penetration in gay hazing rituals

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Check out this scene submitted to us by this gay fraternity who know how to organize some wild hazing rituals. This one is their masterpiece and it is really one of the craziest hazing rituals you will ever have the pleasure to see. They got four new candidates this time and they decided to show them that their gay fraternity is different from all the other. They made these guys impale their tight asses on a big helmet with some huge-ass horns sticking out of it. Those things cannot be very comfortable.

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Gay hazing rituals with naked football players

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As far as gay fraternity hazing rituals go, they don’t get much hotter and steamier than this one. It is carefully devised from the beginning to the end, with new members first stripping down, putting on football gear and exercising for the older members to enjoy. The boys then play a game and it all culminates in one of them getting real busy with some fat dicks. He is a real twink, but like all the rest, he has a body of a young god and a huge dick.

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Everything you expect from gay fraternity hazing rituals

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Check out this great scene submitted by the very gay fraternity that organized this little gay orgy as a part of their hazing rituals season. It is the culmination of the season and as you can see the whole gay fraternity is here, from the oldest members to the newest ones that are made to get it on with each other for the enjoyment of the others. These guys really put on a show, sucking on those pink rods and stuffing each other’s tight assholes with those shafts.

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